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Quick Connect Audio Conferencing is an unassisted conferencing product that puts all of the control in the palm of your hands.  On top of this control, we are saving people an average of 30% over their current conferencing bills by eliminating hidden fees and required minimums. We believe you should only pay for the minutes you use on your call and your monthly bills will reflect that.

We are very excited to get started on setting up your company with an audio conferencing product that doesn't try to nickel and dime you.

There are three big things that set our Quick Connect Audio Conferencing apart from the competition:

Live Conference Viewer
The Customer Portal
Our Customer Service Team

Why Choose Quick Connect?

Live Conference Viewer

Great Customer Service

Online Portal

Live Conference Viewer allows you to easily change conference settings on the fly, along with seeing who is currently in your conference. It allows you to change things like muting or un-muting everyone, putting the conference into a Q&A mode, or changing it to be an open conversation all without having to end your meeting.

The Online Portal allows you to login and manage every detail about your account. you can create and delete passcodes, manage your recordings, view previous attendee reports, and view your account details. This gives you full control over your account and doesn't require you to call us for small changes.

Our customer service team takes pride in the fact that we provide you with a completely white glove experience from when you first sign up as a customer through the entire time that you use our services. We are happy to provide any trainings necessary for you or any of your employees. 

Free MP3 Recordings

Truly Global Solution

No Hidden Fees/Minimums

Quick Connect allows you to download the recordings of your meetings as an MP3. This allows you to easily distribute it to people who may have missed the meeting and ensure that they get all of the information they need. It also allows you to host these MP3s on your website so that your customers can get information that may be pertinent to them. We've even seen some companies use this to host podcasts.

Quick Connect is a truly global conferencing solution. As long as someone has access to a telephone, they have the ability to join your meeting. So if your company needs to meet with investors from China or clients in Europe, this is a perfect solution for you. We have special ITFS rates for 71 countries and anywhere we don't have one for can just dial in using local numbers. The only thing left for you to do is choose a time that works for everyone.

We pride ourselves on the fact that you only pay for exactly what you use. There are no hidden fees or charges if you don't use the service for a month. We also don't have any minimums that you are required to hit or caps that you can run into. This means that no matter if you bill 0 minutes or 1 million minutes, you will only be billed for what you use. Use Quick Connect as much as you want and never worry again about what you are being billed for.

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These three features give you full control over how you want your conferences run and who you want using your conferencing product. Our team is happy to walk you through any step that you would like help with or provide any training that you or any of your employees may need. We want to make sure that you are able to get the most out of Quick Connect.

Here are just some of the Features:

  • Attendee Reports

  • Entry/Exit Tones

  • Name Announcements

  • International Dialing

  • Online Management

  • Group Mute/Unmute

  • Replay or Recording as MP3

  • Up to 1000 Participants

  • Live Customer Support