Pindrop Hosted VoIP Communication System

Can your business afford to keep using dying technologies as its main form of communication?

Set a meeting with us today so we can show you what the future of telecommunications looks like. This system will allow your business to save money, while greatly expanding on the features that your phones currently have.

Let us come out and evaluate your facility so we can custom build a package that fits your needs. This way you can be sure that you are getting the most phone system possible for your money.

But why stop at just your phones? Our evaluation can easily be expanded to include your network, internet presence, conferencing and collaboration needs as well. We will handle the communications so that you can get back to making your business grow.

Our Features

SIP End to End Solution

Unified Communications

The future of telecom. Stay connected at all times, no matter where you are in the world.

User Friendly Interface

Designed from the ground up to be easy to use, so you can take full advantage of everything you pay for.

Visual Voice Mail

See your voicemails as emails within seconds of them being left, this allows you to answer your voicemails from anywhere.


Media eXchange Interface for End Users allows you to easily see who is available in your company.

Many Phone Options

Seamless Multi-Site Integration

Use phones from Polycom, Mitel/Aastra, Zultys, or bring your own device

Connect all of your offices under a single unified phone system. Allow your employees to easily see who is available no matter which office they are in.

It's as easy to use as the regular phone you've been using for years, but with a much more robust feature set.

Since the system is Hosted VoIP, there is no need for tons of clunky on premise hardware. Just plug the phones in and go.

With the hosted nature of the system, many problems that you encountered with the POTS network are a thing of the past.

Amazingly Simple Use

Simplified Deployment

Rock Solid Reliability

Our Phones

Choose the phones you want or bring your own.

Choose between 6-line, 12-line, or 16-line desk phones. You can also choose between multiple IP conference stations so your meeting rooms won't be left behind.

Choose between everything from an entry level, 2-line phone with a monochrome LCD, all the way up to a 24-line, full color LCD screen desk phone. 



Price & Plan


$ 26 /month

Zultys Mobile Communicator

Call Forwarding

Automated Attendant

Call Attached Data

Operator Group



$ 39 /month

Everything from Basic Plus:

MXIE License

Outlook Communicator

MX Video License

MX Conference License


Contact Us

Contact us today with any questions you may have


Zultys also makes their own phones to go with this system. Choose from the 36g or 37g models and make your desk stand out.

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The Future of Telecommunications

Hosted VoIP is the future of the telecommunications industry. It gives your company all of the benefits of a large on premise system but at a lower cost and while taking up less space in your office. Plus it is constantly updating so you never need to worry about your system being out of date.

Amazingly Simple To Use

Simplified Deployment

Rock Solid Reliability

Call Center

$ 79 /month

Everything from Premium Plus:

ACD/Hunt Group Capability

MX Report

Fax Session

Inbound Call Center License





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Why Pindrop?

With the dropping of support for legacy PBX systems, companies should be looking at replacing their existing phones with a Hosted VoIP system using SIP services.  Pindrop is a highly affordable solution to that issue. Not only will it save your company money as compared to a PBX system but it will also eliminate the need for on premise hardware. The only thing that you will need space for in your office are the phones. The rich feature set will also allow you to do things that PBX systems can only dream of, such as using the MXIE client as a unified communications platform.

​Pindrop is also able to provide you with a variety of VoIP phones to use with your new service.  We have partnerships with 3 major phone vendors which allows us to provide you with great deals on top notch phones which will further improve your savings when moving to Pindrop.  These vendors (Polycom, Aastra, and Zultys) are well known in the industry and are respected for the high quality of their devices.  However, if you already had a favorite vendor in mind for your phones, or if you already have VoIP phones that you wish to use with our service, we can do that as well!

Call us now to learn more about this and our other great services!

How is Pindrop Different?

Pindrop is different in many ways. It is different from a traditional PBX system because there is no need to have expensive hardware on site and you still get all of the features that hardware would provide and then some. It is also different than other Hosted VoIP options because it has a low cost and gives you a full featured product. Many other Hosted VoIP platforms make you buy features a la carte, so your bill can balloon quickly.

Pindrop also has a few exclusive benefits that make it stand out from other phone services. This includes the MXIE client that allows you to easily see who's available to talk and who has stepped away from their desk. It also allows you to instant message your co-workers so you can reach them from anywhere. The MXIE client integrates with the Pindrop mobile app so you will never be out of contact with your colleagues.

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